Testimonial 3 - by Linda Young

I have lost count, now, of the number of jobs that Peter has done for us.

Amongst others, he has made and fitted custom built cupboards under the stairs; made and fitted floor to ceiling cupboards and wardrobes to match existing ones in our Victorian house; replaced stair rods, and custom made two lovely solid gates for the front of the house.

floor to ceiling cupboards and wardrobes

Peter worked diligently at all times, and is a perfectionist.  He consulted with me on everything in order to ensure that I would be happy with the finished work.  However, he is very capable of making the best judgments for himself, so I always allow myself to be guided by his suggestions.

As an individual, Peter is quite the nicest young man I know.  He is absolutely trustworthy and I have no hesitation in giving him the keys to my house when I’m going out.  He is, at all times, polite and friendly, without spending time nattering and wasting time and money.  He answered my grandson’s many questions without ever seeming to find him a nuisance, which I know I would have!

In short, then, I have been more than happy with every job Peter has done for me, and recommend him to you without any hesitation whatsoever.  He will always go the extra mile to make you happy.

Linda J. Young.

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